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5 Permit Stages that applies to all permitting processes.

Permit Stage 1
  • Receive order and originate customer file
  • Data Process of all information into website system
  • Determination of proper product approvals (NOA’s – Notice of Acceptance)
  • Research all materials purchased
  • Determine proper NOA’s
  • Property appraisal information
  • Research Property Appraisers website for all property ID #’s & correct municipality
  • Determine rightful owner & legal address for verification of property
  • Determine proper municipality & fill out application
  • Match property control numbers
  • Apply all known information to application
  • Affix “sign here & notarize”
  • Address outgoing & return self-addressed & stamped envelopes
  • Notice of Commencements (NOC’s)
  • Determine NOC necessity for municipality
  • Fill in known information (owner/contractor, etc.)
  • Affix “sign here & notarize”
  • Supplementary information
  • Determine further requirements needed to complete package (HOA’s, shutter permit #’s, etc.)
  • Mail
  • Apps, all supplemental & NOC’s
  • Letter of explanation
  • Await signed return from customer
  • Measure
  • Locate proper measures & drawings from installer
  • Check for all required information
  • Make requests for further information if required
  • Await return of further information.

Permit Stage 2

  • Engineering
  • Prepare file for dispersal to Engineer for all calculations required
  • Transport file to Engineer
  • Complete “signed & sealed” from Engineer when required
  • Pick-up completed components from Engineer

Permit Stage 3

  • Assembly of returned data
  • Copy & assemble package according to municipality requirements
  • Produce one copy of back-up
  • Pull proper NOA’s & make multiple copies
  • Hi-light CORRECT materials being used
  • Hi-light EXACT installation procedures for each product on each NOA
  • Incorporate all data into website data for updating
  • Schedule permit for submittal
  • Expedite to municipality
  • Pay submittal fees when applicable
  • Submit invoice
  • Tracking of permit progress
  • Several times per week, visually or physically check on permit progress
  • Retrieve comments/requirements if applicable
  • Address any problems with customer, installer or contractor
  • Pick-up corrections from source
  • Fill out applications necessary to submit corrections required when applicable
  • Supply proper notary, documentations, etc. on corrections
  • Supply expeditor with completed correction package for submittal
  • Submit & make supplement changes for corrections at municipality
  • Return to step 1. To track correction

Permit Stage 4

  • Permit pick-up
  • Pay fees when applicable
  • Make copy for completed permit package for storage
  • Schedule issued permit for delivery to installer
  • Expediting
  • Supply expeditor with permit & delivery permit
  • Status 4 completion information into data system

Permit Stage 5

  • Inspections
  • Await notification of completed installation
  • Contact customer and municipality to set up inspection appointment
  • Track visually or physically for inspection completion
  • Contact customer with final results
  • Contact municipality for final inspection results
  • Status 5 information upon clearance into data system
  • Rejected final inspections
  • Contact municipality for final inspection problem
  • Make comprehensive determination of responsible party on rejection
  • Contact contractor, installer, vendor or home owner on rejection issues
  • Request resolution information
  • Retrieve, assemble and implement resolutions
  • Restart inspection process step P-1
  • Pay re-inspection fees


There are many factors to consider in making the decision whether or not to hire Plans Runner to handle your permitting needs. We take the hassle off your hands, and our team of experienced processors will take care of what we do best on a daily basis. This way, you and your team can focus on what you do best… in taking care of business. Our rates / fees are very affordable, and you can be certain that we will get the job done right the first time. Don’t hesitate to call the Plans Runner!

Avoid Long Waits

Arriving at a building department and having to take a ticket for waits commonly between as short as half hour to sometimes two hours, only to obtain some information or discover that you are needing additional documents… can be very frustrating!

NO more Fines & Penalties

It is best to get acquainted with the process before the endeavor of doing it on your own. Retaining a professional is many times more cost effective that learning by trial and error… not to mention FINES & PENALTIES.

The Right Direction

Unfortunately, not all government employees are created equal. Sometimes out of negligence, sometimes out of lack of understanding, it is common to be given the wrong information which can result in a loss of time, money, and sometimes both.

TimE is Money

The work that is involved in the process from document preparation, to the commute, the wait, the process, and then the follow-up, is sometimes more costly than what your time is worth being productive in your employment or business.

Accidental Disclosures

Sometimes under-explaining is a bad thing, but sometimes over-explaining is much worst! Depending on the person that is handling your permitting, it is very possible to open up a new issues that were irrelevant to your concern at that moment.

Complicated Obstacles

Lack of experience often leads to lack of foresight and frequently results in delays. Have you considered the value of the loss-of-use of a property due to unexpected delays in the permitting process?


Plans Runner strives to deliver our services with the highest level of commitment reflecting every clients expectations of Quality Service, Professionalism, Accessibility and process Transparency. This can only be done with personal integrity, secure knowledge of the process, and respect for our clients and their goals.  This is a cooperative relationship both the client and Plans Runner can be proud of.







At Plans Runner, our objective is to serve our clients by saving them money and time. We are aware that there are other permitting processors in the marketplace, and we will strive with each project to earn your repeat business. Our years of experience and established relations with the various building departments… helps us make the process more effecient. We appreciate you business and look forward to serving you.


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